Event: Black Lives Matter Berlin Protest 2019

Looking at all these pictures makes me very happy and very sad. I am grateful for everyone who came out to march together, see each other, speak up, and remember the lives we’ve lost.

I remember there were a lot of people who didn’t know the chants at the beginning which leads me to the conclusion that many of us do not go to protest on a regular basis. To me that makes it even more special cause it could mean that Black Lives Matter Berlin inspired you to leave your comfort zone and create a space with every one in which you still could feel powerful and safe.

Much love and respect to Each One Teach One e.V.,  Women In Exile, The Sudan Uprising Group Germany, ASta Referat Für Schwarze Studierende und Studierende of Color, International Women Space, Adi Amati, Meli, Yatera, Konta, all the speakers! All the volunteers! And from the bottom of my heart to the whole team of Black Lives Matter Berlin that didn’t give up on fighting the fight. You are everything ?✊?✊?✊?