Talk „Queering and Decolonizing Spaces“ at Acting In Concert Festival 2018

photo credit Lea Hopp @hop.l_a

Talk ‚queering and decolonizing spaces‘ with Vika Kirchenbauer

It was my pleasure to discuss and exchange about our experiences of „Queering and Decolonizing Spaces“ with Neda Sanai, Vika Kirchenbauer and the audience of „acting in concert“ Festival 2018.

acting in concert Festival 2018 invited to practice collectively, how to create more awareness in spaces like this one – how to queer them, how to decolonize them. Starting from inputs by the three panelists, this conversation is direction to all participants of acting in concert: artists, staff, audience. What are their, what are your experiences with cis-heteronormative, racist spaces that are marked by their exclusions? This is also a question to the space this talk is taking place at: What does it mean to rework structures beyond the big cities?

acting in concert
Talk ‚queering and decolonizing spaces‘ with Neda Sanai

Let’s experiment with the way forms of care and solidarity are possible within music, at a festival, at concerts, between you, the artists, the organizers and supporters. acting in concert’s perspective is feminist, queer, anti-racist and post-migrant. The festival is explicitly open to everyone, especially lgbtqia+ and people of color. Check your privileges, take care of the space that you’re in and be nice. Let’s perform in a different present, together, while celebrating the singularity of each and any one. Please come to the bar or the entrance, whenever you feel uncomfortable, when you’re being harassed or when you observe discriminatory behaviour.

acting in concert