Princess Nokia | Interview

Dear MoM, today I sold out my third consecutive show on my first European tour. Traveling is great.. But tiring. I get sick ALOT, but I never feel lonely. The shows have been great mom! Every night I have a lot of fun, goofing off and doing my thing.. I drank a pint in Germany, but got really dizzy so I had to take a nap.. The people are really nice to me, and my fans are the most incredible human beings that ever lived.. Meeting them is my favorite part of the trip… Soon I’ll be going to France. Gay Parieeeee! Everything is wonderful and fabulous… I miss you very much.. And I’m sad your not here with me… But every second of every day of this trip I thank you for sacrificing your life to give me this experience… I wrote my album in Central Park cos that’s where you and daddy met. There saying it’s one of the best hip hop albums of 2016.. I dedicate my album „1992“ and my 16/17 Tour to my incredible mother Deborah Frasqueri. She passed away in 95 and I miss her very much.. That’s my best friend my guardian angel.. My mama.. My #1

– Princess Nokia, 29.09.2016, Berlin

don’t you fuck with our energies ?? #spirituafemmes #weirdostothefront

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