Movement For Black Lives – International Activist’s Meeting

The pieces are all there to create an entirely different world history. For the most part, we’re just too blinded by our prejudices to see the implications. For instance, almost everyone nowadays insists that participatory democracy, or social equality, can work in a small community or activist group, but cannot possibly ‘scale up’ to anything like a city, a region, or a nation-state. But the evidence before our eyes, if we choose to look at it, suggests the opposite.“ ‚

The longue durée of human history is complicated

Last week I had the opportunity to meet and exchange with racial justice activists from the US regarding the transnational Movement for Black Lives, discussing perspectives on intersectional feminism, (transnational) solidarity, the effects of neoliberal capitalism, neo-colonialism and the work we do as activists coming from different places, contexts and backgrounds.

Thank you Each One Teach One e.V & Center of Intersectional Justice (CIJ Berlin) for preparing spaces and sharing your ressources with us so we could have these conversations and learn from one another.

Much love and respect for the work y’all doing and the knowledge you shared with us, Rana Abdelhamid, Blair Imani, Monica, Rick Fontaine & Kwame Rose! I‘m looking forward to see y’all again one day.