BLM Protest 2019

Looking at all these pictures makes me very happy and very sad. I am grateful for everyone who came out to march together, see each other, speak up and remember the lives we’ve lost.

I remember there were a lot of people who didn’t know the chants in the beginning which leads me to the conclusion that many of us do not go to protest on a regular basis. To me that makes it even more special cause it could mean that Black Lives Matter Berlin inspired you to leave your comfort zone and create a space with everyone in which you still could feel powerful and safe.

But on the other hand I know that space was also threatened and invaded by white supremacy and entitlement of any kind:

At Wiener Straße somebody threw water bombs at us from the top of that fire fighters building. 

At Oranienplatz white people did center themselves as usual, taking up space in the first row during the speeches of Afrika Unite e.V., Oury Jalloh Initiative, #JusticeForMbobda and Reach Out Berlin… LIKE WHAT THE F*** ?!

At M*Straße a white womxn came to Aaliyah Adeyemi after her speech and hugged her without consent just to tell her in a patronizing tone that “next time we say #AllLivesMatter”.

Not to mention all those white womxn with DREADS (yes your appropriating version of our hairstyles ain’t nothing but dreadful) and all the incidents that happened to people unseen and untold.

To me it is very clear that Babylon Germany will never be a place where I can feel safe. As some of you already know, I will leave as soon as I can. But despite of it all the people and groups who came together on July 5th 2019 are damn powerful and their is nothing that can kill their ability to create beauty in the struggle. 

Much love and respect to Each One Teach One e.V.,  Women In Exile, The Sudan Uprisin Group Germany, ASta Referat Für Schwarze Studierende und Studierende of Color, International Women Space, Adi Amati, Meli, Yatera, Konta, all the speakers! All the volunteers! And from the bottom of my heart to the whole team of Black Lives Matter Berlin that didn’t give up on fighting the fight. You are everything 🖤✊🏽✊🏿✊🏾