A History of Remembering – presented by Isaiah Lopaz

A History of Remembering, is an evening devoted to the various histories of people of Black African descent. This piece will explore how memory has shaped the current state of race, politics and culture. If we do not remember who will? Featuring Goitsy Freeverse Montsho, Lina John, and Candice Nembhard. On the occasion of this evening we will also speak about a history of Afro-Diasporic cuisine over an exhibition of Jamaican cuisine prepared by Troy Lope, chef at RosaCaleta.

A History of Remembering was epic! Thank you so much to everyone who attended and/or supported the evented. I haven’t really had a moment to catch my breath just yet, but I think that when I finally stop and rest, I will feel all of the magic that made up last Friday’s event. A History of Remembering was probably the best event that I’ve ever organised! Thank you first and foremost to Lina, Candice, and Goitsy. I am almost moved to tears thinking about how powerful each of you’re readings were. You were each amazing, engaging, and so much more. Next, I would like to thank Troy for bringing so much love and so much depth. You fead our stomachs, but you fead our minds. Thank you Troy. I also need to thank my MVP Suh for moderating the event, for driving Troy, and for doing everything in between. I love and adore you East! Thank you to the students that I work with for attending: Mariama, Sajan, and Ahmed. A special thanks to Shaheen, Mic, and Effie for helping out with everything from washing up to taking photos. Of course I have to thank the person who saved the day, our sound guy, Olof. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and again thank you to all of my friends who showed up to this event. I’ve officially been invited to continue my research position at Weissensee next semester!!! Let the good times roll. Love, L

Isaiah Lopaz
Candice Nembhard
Goitsy Freeverse Montsho
Lina John
Troy (Rosa Caleta)

This event was part of #BLMBerlin Month – a month long program to connect existing spaces, resources and contacts to organize joint resistance. 

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