A History of Remembering – Isaiah Lopaz

Isaiah Lopaz fka HimNoir invited everyone to an evening devoted to the various histories of people of Black African descent with Food, Love, Poetry and Story Telling.

Isaiah Lopaz
Goitsy Montsho
Candice Nembhard

Special Thanks to Troy Lopez who fed us with that Seven Colors Sunday meal and the beautiful energy he put in every piece of it.

„I thought for this meal I could have cooked something extraordinary. But I thought, I’ll keep it basic. I’ll keep it down to that stewed chicken that my grandmother used to cook, that for me was everything. It was everything. Everything I know about cooking I learned from that women and this is my way of remembering her. So everything that comes on the table tonight has a specific meaning. And somebody from across the world from me (Goitsy Freeverse Montsho from South Africa) summed it up perfectly. It’s called the Seven Color Meal. It’s that Sunday meal when you know you gonna get everything you need on your plate. You may not get it the rest of the week but on Sunday, you get everything, your vegetables, your flavor and you gonna get your love.“

Troy Lopez – RosaCaleta
Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz, Berlin, Weißensee